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Thread: New Project

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    New Project

    Ok had this project on the back burner for a bit of time. Mostly cause I just view the history of stuff, but I'm a bit pissed here all of this wonderful web stuff was really developed by public money as in Goverments giving a dot edu money for research here and over the globe. Now the like of MS, Yahoo, AOL, etc the late commers feel that it their right to own this web, after all Amazon owns a paitent on one click..how original. Thing is it comes down to the OS and mass marketing. Why is it software producers ablsolve them selves from all libilality buy use of a software agreement? We are in the model T car wise with software. Early cars had plate glass oops a crash people and business workers crashed throu Windows lost lives, income property. Both the US and EU have consumer protection laws. I need help cause I'm not an author in wording to purpose be it on-line petition to the powers that be that software no longer be able to absolve it's self as manfacturers a product and not be responsabile for the the product they product they produce. The software industry is the only product industry that is not responsible for it's own products. We as consumers both private and business have to conduct our lives responsible for our actions or business products why should MS, IBM, SUN, any software producer not stand behid their product not through a one click I can use your own computer to my pleasure because you want my software agreement. Anyway send a message here only way to make code safe is to make the producers liable like who makes your car and the breaks don't work, the tire producer cause their tires disinigrate.

    That is the scope ^ concept
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    Get it going and I'll sign up. Or help anyway I can to get it going. I think companies like MS sjould start being held liable for bad code. It's not like MS had an accident. The courts produced evidence that MS released Windows versions full well knowing about the bugs. So if one of the bugs they new about caused a major system crash and made you lose business or money. They should be held in account. Although some exclussion should be made for ouches or oops I made a boo boo problems. As long as the company at fault admits it and offers a free upgrade or patch and not try to hide the holes as MS does....
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    Totally agree. If a software company knows of critical bugs in software at the time of release then they should be held accountable.

    Along the lines of cars, they are supposed to pass a certain criteria before being released. I reckon certain types of software should have to be put through the same process aswell.

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    Count me in as well... Whatever I can do to get help get the show on the road...

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    I couldn't really start the petition, but I would deffinatley sign up... I'm sure many people would as well, because no one ever reads the EULA (the agreement) and you *have* to agree to it because stores that sell software won't let you take it back (atleast where I live). As long as you could get the website out there, and advertise it, it would be a hit. Now as for getting some rights and being effective, that would probably require a lawyer, IDK. Just my input.
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    Pesky EULA's!!!

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    heh if you get a chance read the EULA in terry pratchets book The Truth
    soooo funny


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    I'm all for it. OS's have bugs and they have security holes that need patching witch is fine but what pisses me off when m$ denies and tries to cover up stuff.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    [glowpurple]I agree![/glowpurple]

    If anyone could initiate such a petition I would back it up, I'd even be up for organising something like that if anyone could indicate where to start. I'll research it actually because that's a really valid point. Companies like M$ release buggy software and dodgy hardware just to beat competition; it's now standard fare to release an incomplete project, sell crateloads of it, then recall it because of a 'discovered' flaw and reissue in another 6 months. Consumers shouldn't have to bear the brunt of manufacturers' inadequacies...

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    I agree. If someone sends the petition out, I will definitely sign up on it. I have to support winbloze and it is a real pain and a cause of lost profits and downtime for my customers.
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