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    that's interesting, even though I stated I wanted to stay more to home (near Indiana, lol not out of country). Shows how narrowminded I was, I didn't realize they had that many good comp. sci. courses overseas.
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    Originally posted here by emrys
    has any1 heard good things about the tech departments of University of Florida(gators) or University of Central Florida?....i have a full scholarship to UCF and was wondering if any1 goes there for comp sci.
    I have heard that UCF is supposed to be the best in Florida, this came from the head of the Computer Science Department at UNC Wilmington, He also said that NCSU provides a better program though. I don't consider his opinion too biased since he got his degrees in North Dakota. If you want to learn about Web programming (JSP, PHP, Perl, etc.) UCF might not be all that great of a place last I heard they didn't offer any classes in that area. I personally would consider looking for schools that do some focus on newer technologies and not think that they are a fad that will disapear. This is a problem with a lot of the Computer Science programs. As far as a good undergrad program I would look for a place that has a seperate Computer Science department, a lot of schools combine Computer Science into their Engeneering department or Math department, this is why I went to University of North Carolina at Wilmington which might not be a big well known school but I am going to a school where the students who graduate with a Computer Science degree are just as competetive and sought for as those that go to the Schools in the Research Triangle area (NCSU, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke).


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