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Thread: I Need Help

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    Key logger or remote admin (trojan etc) is the only way he could get it remotely.

    /me thinks you are full of shitz now though. This is getting too stupid now. You counter anything sugested or offered to you with some stupid banter. Turn off your caps lock too. That is the same as yelling at the top of your lungs in public.
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    Originally posted here by swahby

    Are you sure your lockdown is up to date?
    go to www.moosoft.com and download "the cleaner"

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    What kind of internet connection do you have? Are you on a school LAN? Those are the worst places to try to maintain security. Everybody and his brother could have a sniffer running.

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    Once you have verified your machine is clean (no key loggers, trojans/rmeote access programs, etc) then go off and change each and every one of your passwords. It would be helpful if you could use SSL to access the websites (the website URLs should say https instead of http). Also, if by chance you used a fake email address to register your accounts, you've pretty much opened up access to your accounts to whomever owns the domain you registered as your "real" email address... some of these sites will reset or "send you your current password" through email and, well, if you didn't give them a valid one, someone else is probably reading it or is able to read it -- you should probably change it to something valid, if you can...

    Then again, as others have said, it could just be a feeble attempt on your end to ask us how to hack those services... if people here start to think you're not legitimately asking for help (and believe me, you're already treading a thin line as it is), you will most likely get flamed in to non-existence.

    And, TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK else people here will start to get very upset with you (though some of your bantering and whining may upset them first). Calm down, take a deep breath, and explain calmly and quietly on what you've done, what's worked and what has not, and you'll get good help here... SCREAMING and crying about it, and posting useless crap won't get you as good help as calmly discussing the issue-at-hand will.

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    I have to say it again Draziw, your signature is hella funny.

    Ok, swahby, just slow down, and tell us exactly what happened.
    Where do you access your computer from?
    How many other people access it? Your little brother?
    Run the latest, 'the cleaner' program. The website was provided a few posts before.

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    thanks for all the replies
    i use DSL And Dial Up
    my service providers r MSN/Verizon/AOL
    msn & aol r dial up
    and verizon is dsl

    i'm downloading the program that the gentalmen recommended for me
    and once i'm done i will update every single thing to all u guys
    thanks alot for all u're help
    i'lll keep on updating

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    err umm no offense to you, swahby, but between your bad grammar and the caps...You make it sound like your trying to get us to tell you the way to hack someones accounts or something...

    Just my opinion
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    Once your computer has been hacked the best thing you can do is format c: and start from scratch. Its the only way you can be sure that there are no Trojans on your comp.

    After you format make sure you do the following before you connect to the internet.
    -install fire wall, virus scanner and a Trojan scanner
    -once you connect to the internet the first thing you do is up date youre OS and all software.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    hmmmmmm....if you can't solve the problem, i'd say go ahead and reformat your machine, then get a top-of-the-line firewall, and somehow get a dynamic IP structure if you have broadband (maybe contact your ISP.......?). There is a 3kb trojan my friend had once, it hides itself inside DLLs. I'm not sure what it's called, do a search on it. Its only function is to get a remote command shell. Also, what OS are you running and what kind of connection do you have? That might help the others who actually know what they're talking about....

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    also, this is more of a question than an answer, but i think (if you only have this problem on the net) that he could be using cross-browser scripting to copy the cmd.exe and execute a remote command shell.........?

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