Ok this is from trial and error and through the help of many Anti-Online helpers I was able to fix this little problem.

I recently downloaded some freeware off the internet so that I wouldnt have to go down to the local computer store and get the freeware cd. The problem with this was that the contents that the cd has have a autorun to the folder. Which means that if you have it in any folder and you double click it instead of opening the folder up it runs the program. Now it may sound like common sence but it can be easily mistaken. So if you download stuff its a good idea to put it in a folder and also its better to not download cd information. Thanks guys who helped me out figuring out the problem.

Also the way the problem was fixed.

It was a C++ program to help with righting C++ If you do put it in C drive no folder it should be a setup icon.
Delete the Icon and anything else that you are possitive belongs with the program.
Then make sure you restart if you dont restart the information is being searched for.

Easy enough

Im a tad embaressed I couldn't have figured it out on my own.