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    Lightbulb programming languages

    Considering that i am using a mac, I dunno if I'm gonna get much help. I'm wondering what programming languages I should be using. I am learning a liddle bit of C++, and have a little experience in BASIC, but what else should I have masterful knowledge in before I go out into the wide, wide, world?

    Thx all.

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    hmm...get linux...and do a search on for more on C++...or at least thats wut i would do

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    check out site is heaven (if you're sad like me). As well as bog-standard C++ tut's and stuff, it also has graphics tutorials et al.

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    here, get metroworks codewarrior 2.0 learning edition for 50 bucks at your local computer store. it works for mac os 8-9 and mac os X. it compiles c++,C, and JAVA.
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    Back to your original question, If, buy "going into a wide wide world" you mean finding a job as a programmer then C++ should do it most of the time, depending on what you want to do, at some places they program in C# explicitly (If you have OS X, then your "FREE" project builder will compile C# with Apple edited gcc.). If you meant something else, like what compiles (Interpreters, Assemblers,etc) are there for Mac, then there is everything from SPIM to Prolog to Java etc. Its not the problem for macs. If you asking what other languages you need to learn, then a good advice is to master one language (C++ is a good choice for most things) and then move one.

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    It's not about what languages you know, but how well you know how to use them The best thing is to focus on programming itself. Learn good design, and the language you use is trivial.

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    im doing the same...

    i agree with wickdgin in its not what ya know but how well you use what ya know, i too am wanting to program in hopes of making it a living, i wanted to know if you are learning C++ on your own or in some kind of school, cause i am trying to teach myself C++, i went and got Apples development package, it pretty much has every thing you need to make apps for mac, as well as other platforms. but if you are trying to learn on ya own hit me up , its always easier to learn when ya have one to disscuss it with.

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    It depends on what you want to do. I would suggest C++. That's a good bet for everything. But, if you want to alot of gamming programmin
    then I suggest you take like DDL. For webdesigning Java2 or C++.
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    I use xcode (included free with MacOS X) to write C, Java, Perl, PHP and BASH code. Most of my stuff is Java or Perl. XCode is an adequate IDE for Java, but not so much for Perl -- I prefer vim for my perl slinging.

    I would also side with others who've said that you should use the right tool for the job.

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    me using different languages for different applications:
    1. VB6, VB Net <--- Database (Where I find my Living...)
    2. Java2 <--- For application on the Internet
    3. Perl 5 <--- Scripts
    4. Bash <--- My Linux computer
    5. C <--- all time favorite
    6. Assembly <--- windows drivers
    7. SQL <--- Money....
    8. C++ <--- Windows
    9. Java <--- Im making my new Firewall application for Linux ;-)
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