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Thread: Is ICQ really a security threat?

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    Question Is ICQ really a security threat?

    Ok I've scanned the forums and I can't find anything else that obviously relates to this, maybe because it is too lame! Sorry. But I'm not really into chatrooms and so on, so I don't really know much about them, and I avoid most instant messengers, or I did until recently. But havign downloaded and installed ICQ, I've been told I am much more likely to get hacked as it's a really easy way of obtaining IPs; is this the case? What makes it so much more of a target than any of the others? And if that is the case why do so many people apparently endorse it?


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    Hmmmm well personnaly i don't really use IM's that much but I don't see how with proper carefull use it should make you any more vunerabile to hacks

    Ok there are ICQ specific tools like flooders etc but if your just using it to chat to peps you know then you should be ok.

    As for getting your ip - if ICQ works the same way as most (msn is the only one am familiar with) IM's then it shouldn't give away your ip unless you accept a file transfer which would start a p2p connection (peer to peer) or direct connection between yourself and the other person
    normal traffic should pass through the ICQ server eg:

    you --your msg--> ICQ SERVER --your msg--> friend

    so the only Ip they will be able to see (using netstat -n or whatever) will be the servers addy

    hope that helps some


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    ICQ and AOL and the like are also "security" threats or, at least, privacy threats in that they ship the same way M$ ships their products... wide open. So, by default, they allow anyone to try to connect to you, to try to exchange files with you, or even to startup a conversation with you or see if you're online (ICQ will even allow you to do it across the web).

    There have been numerous accounts of DoS attacks or similiar just based on the fact that you will let anyone send you a message. So, yeah, they're still a security risk... but, as long as you tighten them down, are conscious about who you're talking to, etc - it's usually manageable.

    Also remember that now that AOL has purchased ICQ/Mirabilis (or whomever they were), the clients are largely the same and, similiarly, tend to have nearly identical or at least very similiar security problems...
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    there are a lot of ip sniffers, mainly for AIM and ICQ, where you don't even have to have them on your buddy list for them to get your ip. They just connect to the net, start the prog, type in your number/handle/address/whatever, and the program spits out your ip. ICQ is a little older than most, so more people have developed sniffers and other progs to get your info for it than the other IMs.

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    There are lots of ways to get an IP via ICQ, most of them are script kiddies tools... I think you should use Antifirewall with your ICQ, it will better anonymize your connection...


    Also I advise you to use a web-based email in your registration profile so hackers cannot try to get your IP via the email you used to register.

    The main problem with ICQ is that they keep all info provided in a central database and that you can get info from that database with numerous hacking tools readily available on hackers site such as http://neworder.box.sk or astalavista.com I would personnaly recommand switching to MSN Messenger. If you do so, remember not to use the file transfer tool as it leaves a log of your IP in the receiver's firewall log.

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