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Thread: Cable Modems

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    Cable Modems

    How can I increase my security while I am running one of these?

    I do have a firewall installed, Zonealarm and also running NAV.

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    What OS are you running, 9x or 2K(XP)?

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    Windoze ME

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    Im also using a cable modem, I will tell you how I configured my system:

    Living in a flat with 2 other students we bought a hub and so we connect with
    network cards to internet.
    We disabled netbios and we run only the network protocol tcp/ip,
    microsoft family network and share file and printers are off.
    Additionally everyone of us uses a desktop firewall,
    at the moment I prefer the personal edition of Sygate.

    If Im at home I use a router, that means an old 486 system fli4l.

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    i got a similar setup. i'm running ME (which blows, but i'm just lazy about changing it), got a cable modem, running zonealarm, and nav. i also just installed this app called webwasher. it's pretty cool. haven't figured out all it's tricks yet, but it's pretty cool. all in all, i haven't had any problems yet... with key emphasis on "yet".

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    You might think about getting a router with a built in Network Address Translation fireall (NAT). Linsys makes one for about $100.00 (maybe cheaper depending where you get it). www.linksys.com. You can use ZoneAlarm along with it. You might also replace AZ with Agnitum Outpost. I've heard good things about it, and I think you can get a free version.
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    Increasing Windows security boils down to:

    1. Installing and regularly updating your Anti-Virus

    2. Removing unneeded services such as NETBIOS and File/Print sharing if you do (or will) not use.

    How to remove NETBIOS in WinME:
    START-->RUN-->type "msconfig"-->choose Static VxD's and uncheck "vnetbios.vxd"

    3. Install a firewall (Pick your flavor, as long as it works and you are able to change the rules)

    4. Regularly updating your software... (I don't care what OS)

    5. Watching for trojans, and investing in an anti-trojan software package such as The Cleaner from Moosoft.

    6. Setting your own rules and sticking to them like avoiding piracy (cracks and the like are more likely to contain a virus or backdoor), not opening e-mail attachments, scanning floppies, etc.

    7. Setting strong, varied passwords for your accounts that are hard to guess. With all the "How do I hack blah, blah, blah" crowd these days, you have no choice but to do that.

    8. Watching you are not duped by social engineers. I, and a lot of you, have seen how ocial engineers can work, and I have seen people get seriously burned for "trusting". I have seen open chat rooms with people giving last names, places, and even their favorite drinking spot!

    With these in mind, you can have fun, do what you need to do and yet have a healthy dose of paranoia

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    You could always get a router too, that would increase security.

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