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Thread: Weird Hardware problem

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    Weird Hardware problem

    Ok, I figure, someone is bound to run into the same trouble I did the other day, so I decided, I would post how I got around it, and if anyone knows why this happened.

    Thursday [6.6.02]
    I installed my new motherboard, and CPU. Everything went fairly smooth, then I went to boot up. I run win2k pro. When I got halfway through the boot process, I received a BSOD, saying:
    "I it was the first time i saw this message to simply reboot. If I had seen this message before, remove any hard drives, that I had just installed, and reboot."

    So I rebooted. Received the error again. I figure, I better format, and reinstall win2k.Since windows format, and fdisk, won't do anything with NTFS partitions, and I wasn't sure how else to go about reformatting it. I installed Linux on a spare hard drive, and set the windows hard drive as a slave. (Mind you the Linux installation went in smooth as a whistle; keep this in mind) Once in Linux, I used fdisk to erase the partition that I had windows installed on. Then I shutdown, switched the Hard drives around, and booted with a Win98 Boot disk. There I made a new C: partition, formatted it, and figured everything else would be smooth sailing. Little did i know, i had quite awhile before, I would see win2k installed.

    Once the partition had been made and formatted, I booted up again, with the win2k disc. I selected install, and after it had detected my hardware, it went to a second phase of the installation. That is when the screen went blank. Well not blank, the menu to my monitor came up in the "Viewmeter" section. Then it shut off. (If you know what happened keep quiet till the end of the story ). I didn't know wtf was going on. At first, I thought it might be my monitor, so I hooked up my old one and tried again. Still no luck. But this time since it didn't auto-shutoff, I got these weird green lines on the screen. (which was a clue) I didn't pay much attention to it. So I try installing 98se, and that went in just fine. After the 98se installation was complete. I put the win2k disc in, so that i could use the upgrade option. Hoping that this would work. I went through the GUI menu, then the installer, detected my hardware, and at the same point where my monitor had shutoff, or showen me green lines in the past. It did the same again. I thought I remembered, seeing a box come up saying that I had two pieces of hardware, that win2k didn't detect, and asked if i had wanted to install drivers at that time. (This was when, i used the 'upgrade' option, while inside 98se.). So I went through the upgrade option, again. This time, I chose 'yes', that i wanted to install drivers. It turned out to be my video card, that wasn't being detected. So I installed the drivers, and continued the installation. But alas, I still got the 'green lines.'
    So, I shut my computer off, and reinstall my old video card. Put the win2k disc in, and booted up. I installed win2k without any further problems. After installation was complete, I installed the new video card.

    New video card:
    ATI 8500 Radeon 64 mb

    Old video card:
    ATI Xpert Rage 2000 32 mb

    Now my question to you is, why did the 8500 not work with the win2k installation?

    Also, I was pleasantly surprised that Linux installed with ease, with fairly new hardware.

    The reason why I posted this is that, this might help someone out there. And save them some time, in solving the problem.

    And if you think this post was useless, and full of babble. Well, just be lucky that it wasn't another "How TO I HACK HOTMALE"

    (misspelling and misuse of words were done on purpose, you grammar/spelling nazis. heh)
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    Perhaps there was a problem in the part of the installation where you installed the drivers for the new video card. Win2k wouldnt work your video card with 16 color 640x480 resolution, standard svga?
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    Have you checked to see if your new video card is supported by Windows 2000? While it is plug and play I think there is still the adage of Play and Pray.


    Also, ATI has some installation tips: http://www.ati.com/support/installat...tallwin2k.html
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