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Thread: The Not-So accidental death of a newbie

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    ah let's say all newbie members are not as lucky as ntsa , take me for an example, i dont remember flaming anyone, or posting any thread that encouraged it, and until my last post, everybody was giving positive antipoints on me, cuz they said i was informative ...
    as soon i posted this antipoint post, they bloody got on to me, i dont understand how this could be so offensive to these brats, i just dont. When i login, they tell me that , antionline members, as a collective ( to my surprise ), have decided that i am being a pain in their ass, what the ****. I dont understand how or why, and that very moment i decided that this site consists of nothing more than over-enthusiastic idiots, and that's all.
    Then they tell me
    --------Don't worry, you still have a chance to redeem yourself! Start posting useful threads. Help answer people's questions--------,
    My ass, i didnt join this site to help people, **** antipoints, i joined the site to help myself enhance my knowledge, still ive been giving information, and that's not the point, and i dont understand on how one post can change all that, im not supposed to go through every damn post in the general chit chat and know that this has been posted before, if simply enough, it has, delete the post and give me a polite message, the end of it. But what the hell, when i read the message, and now ive decided that this website is nothing that i thought it was.

    Well, anyway, thanks to all the people that have been nice to me
    No more of myself here

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    Whoa...i have to half agree with this guy. The anti-point system has gone a bit out of hand. Personally i think it's useless, but hey! What other point system is there?
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    christ, ive got a few anti points (only cos i asked if there was a... o no better not say it again) and i'm not shitting myself and anyway if everybody only came here to get help and not give any what kindda community would that be? yeah well some people (like myself) are better off not giving out to much help cos they cant but hey **** happens.

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    i am new to this AO stuff but have made 24 posts now ! relating to linux,filesystems etc and thought i was helping people out? OK i havee asked where there is 2600 meetings because i thought that 2600, hacking etc was a security issue ! apparently not as all i keep getting is negative antipoints man ! I came here to learn and hopefully help others as well as meet people and convers ! apparently htis is not how it is here ! there is alot of anti-hackers here ! Correct me if im wrong but what is wrong with hackers and hacking ! Look up the term hacker people ! It is about learning unrelentlessly about everything ! If you are talking black hat hackers and crackers then yes i see the point but dont tar every one with the same brush ! this site is about IT security remember which as far as i know is related closely to hacking and hackers, doh ! I am anewbie hacker and proud of it, i am not black hat or a cracker but want to know and learn everything about it security issues and such like ! stop being anti hacer etc and learn what the term really means, we have the media for giving things a bad name without the security industry contributing as well !
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    I'm got the same message becuase I like to jump into controversial threads.

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    too bad JP, i never expected this sort of a approach.

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    Also to be noted is the fact, that mostly newbies are targeted, too bad.
    i agree with you - cheers geepod !

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    Mairu the reason you got negs is very simple........your lazy!
    you posted YET ANOTHER antipoints post asking for the system to be changed
    your post
    but if you had taken a second to do a quick search of the forums you would have seen that that topic has been talked to death!!!
    Everyone is sick of hearing whiney lil biatches like you go on about their Antipoint status! Does it really matter that much!?!?!? Do you have such low self-estem that you need reasurance from people you have never met that your a good person!?
    Get over it, get a life & most importantly get off these boards if all your gonna do is whine about Antipoints!!

    Try typing antipoints into the forum search.....14 seperate posts with the word antipoints in the title.....doesn't seem like much? yeah well when you consider that if you seach post bodies the count goes up to 114!!!! Which i would estimate 90% of them are from kiddies like you bitchin' about some form of unfair treatment!

    In the words of souleman
    The Name giver will NOT be given out.
    The System will NOT be changed.
    This thread WILL be closed very soon.
    Now stop wasting JP's server space and bandwith with a topic that has been talked about over & over & over & over ((repeat to fade))


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    I thought antipoints were supposed to be for fun and so people could show there dislike for other posts. I think it was stupid to make it soo serious.

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    newbies are not targets at AO... first, let me clear the air on that. the reasons newbies get flamed is because they do not read the newbie faq found in the faq section at ao. many people here do not like to be bothered with questions about how to do illegal things. they also do not like to be bothered with questions that can be simply answered by going to google and searching. second there have been many flames directed at non-new members as well.

    second, mairu---> the reason you got negative antipoints for you thread about antipoints is prolly because this suggestion of yours was brought up so many times and that the answer was always the same (a resounding no from JP). some users at ao don't like when people don't use a search to find if the suggestion was already posted. had you searched you would have found that this suggestion was sufficiently exhausted. i don't think it is that big of a crime, but there are people who do think that. (and i must say that it can be bothersome when you go to the front page and click on links to find topics that have been discussed numerous times. esp having been at ao for more then a few months.)

    finally, this is just a note to all the people that are really concerned about the antipoints system. Antipoints really don't mean much... unless you get over negative 200, antipoints have no effect or bearing on your time here at ao. i mean, it is always nice to get green points (gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.) but really it doesn't mean too much.

    i am sorry if your stay here at ao has not been pleasurable, butmost of the people at ao are not idiots. many of them are actually quite intelligent and very helpful... the only problem that i have ever seen is a low tolerance for people who ask dumb questions or don't search the threads. (or know how to use google). i hope that this helps you understand why things happened the way they did
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