i am new to this AO stuff but have made 24 posts now ! relating to linux,filesystems etc and thought i was helping people out? OK i have asked where there is 2600 meetings because i thought that 2600, hacking etc was a security issue ! apparently not as all i keep getting is negative antipoints man ! I came here to learn and hopefully help others as well as meet people and convers ! apparently htis is not how it is here ! there is alot of anti-hackers here ! Correct me if im wrong but what is wrong with hackers and hacking ! Look up the term hacker people ! It is about learning unrelentlessly about everything ! If you are talking black hat hackers and crackers then yes i see the point but dont tar every one with the same brush ! this site is about IT security remember which as far as i know is related closely to hacking and hackers, doh ! I am anewbie hacker and proud of it, i am not black hat or a cracker but want to know and learn everything about it security issues and such like ! stop being anti hacer etc and learn what the term really means, we have the media for giving things a bad name without the security industry contributing as well !

hacker = term applied to someone who hacks at the keyboard which originated at MIT
not someone who goes around destroying computer systems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!