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Thread: How can I get the ip that send me a message

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    How can I get the ip that send me a message

    Hello,every!A man usually send me some message through command "net send ip message",if i want to know the ip address who give me the message,what can i do?thanks!!!

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    Doesn't net send give you the ip address of the machine that sent you the message, or does it just give you the hostname. If it just gives you the hostname, then you can find out the IP address by pinging it. If you type 'ping hostname' then (depending on your version of windows?) ping displays the IP address as it pings.

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    May be you ping the hostname but the result is Unknown host hostname,because the hostname is not the FQDN,and i have seen a software can hide its hostname and fudge a wrong hostname and cheat you,then what can i do?

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    Learn to explain yourself more clearly.

    Try "ping -a".
    I'd doubt that he's faked his host name just so he can msg you, but as I've posted somewhere on one of these boards, I've made an anonymous net send. Type "netstat 1" at dos before you think he'll send, then watch the screen for an odd connection. I don't remember what port it goes through, though.
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    is this over a LAN? coz if it is.. just see who the msg is from (normally its either the IP address or Host Name/Computer Name) and go around the room and search for that computer.. and bash whoever is sitting infront of that box.. hehehe

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