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Thread: ip spoofing

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    ip spoofing

    hi every one
    i have read alot about ip spoofing .can some one realy do it .and can any body provide me with the details of ip spoofing .and in advance how it works. thanks
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    I would humbly suggest you look in the Tutorials section. Check out the Index as there are a few listed. In addition, I would suggest doing some research a la google by typing in IP Spoofing.

    When I did it -- http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&ie...ofing%22&meta= -- I got over 6,970 results. More than enough to satisfy anyone's curiosity.

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    Ip spoofing is one of the easiest tricks in the book. At www.neworder.box.sk they have an entire section devoted to ip spoofing tools and techniques. Some tools like Command Spoofer and Dr. Spewfy are widely distributed on the internet and come with books such as Hack Attacks Revealed. And to find out more about ip spoofing read an ariticle called Ip spoofing A mammoth Discription.

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    I just posted a quick overview of spoofing in this thread...:

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