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Thread: Internet Connection Trouble

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    Internet Connection Trouble

    Greetz all.
    I've got a bit of a problem. After having MANY problems with my WinME box, I eventually used the System Restorer and set it back to a date before any problems occured. This worked great, except for one minor thing. My internet connection doesn't work. I get the connection dialogue box, and everything works great up until the "Verifying username and password" part. It just stops. No errors, it just refuses to go any further. Also, once this happens, my programs start "not responding" one by one until I have to shut down and reboot. I double-checked the connection settings with those on my Win95 laptop (which work great, BTW) and they are perfectly fine.

    Any ideas?
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    hmmm.. not quite sure PhirePhreak but maybe your tcp/ip stack has gotten corrupted.
    delete all your network stuff and try a reinstall of whatever components you use.

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