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Thread: AP's in IRC?

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    I agree somewhat with NetSyn, a lot of the users who visit IRC don't post on the forums and vice-versa, I hardly ever visit IRC but post on the forums quite often and I'm sure that there are other members with a similar or converse situation. It wouldn't really be worth the hassle to implement such a scheme because hardly anyone would use it, the system would be open to even more abuse than it is now, and it would only benefit a very small number of members.
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    whoever redded me in this thread about my sig, i dont care! im an adult and if u cant deal with a little bad language in my sig, **** YOU!

    JP`s only prob with it was its size, nothing bout language

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    This has to be the dumbest site suggestion ever. Why the hell would you actually want the dreaded antipoint in IRC? You should be enjoying the freedom you have in IRC without fear of someone not liking what you have to say and assigning you negs.

    Antipoints take away from free speech (some thing you Americans are supposed to stand for) and are a form of censorship. Now we are even being told how to assign them! It's ****ing ridiculous.

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    Just to put my .02 cents worth in-- I'd rather not have Antipoints in IRC. I think the suggestion was well meant, but I am against it.
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    Yes, I suppose it was well meant and I apologise if I came across a little harsh.

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    Greetings All:

    While I appreciate the idea, there really is no practical way to implement this.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

    thread closed.

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