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    Good addendum - thanks!
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    Ammo - the shutdown.exe prog... That can be used over TCP/Ip, cant it? I thought you can, but Ive been trying to remote manage my IIS server from work, and when I connect to it, with proper passwords and all, and even open a IPC$ connection to it, it will not seem to go.
    the shutdown just kicks back the "help" file for shutdown as if my syntax is wrong... but I am entering it as it would have me enter it. Im missing something somewhere, I dont know what tho. Any suggestions?
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    Hum.. dunno.. I'd have to guess your syntax is indeed off since it prints help after...
    Otherwise I dunno!

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    yes, the shutdown command does work over TCP/IP, as long as there is NetBIOS name resolution (WINS, lmhost file, etc.). It still has to resolve the name to an IP, so that is a requirement, unless you use teh IP for the machine.

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