I read another post on these forums about universities etc.
I am doing my AS Levels right now.
I needed some information I have some questions in my mind.
1) There is Computer Science ok basicly what does this teach you?
2) Where can a computer scientist can work? How much salary can he get?
3) There is Software engineering as I know this is purely about programming. yes?
4) Is programming covered in Computer Science? If yes how detailed is it? Is it as detailed as Software engineering?
5) In the computer sector what do you think brings good money?
6) What about security is it another degree like Soft. engineering or Computer science or is it a part of a degree?
7) If I want can I take like double majors in university? Like Software Engineering + Computer Science at the same time?
8) Will that double the price of the university? Or the price would stay the same?
If you could answer some of these questions I will be greatful.
Thank You.