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Thread: a stat i'd like to see -- avg time online

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    a stat i'd like to see -- avg time online

    ok.. this certainly isn't needed but i'm the curious sort, so here goes.

    i'd like to see a stat of the top ten members based upon hrs per day, or week, or month.

    and possibly a related stat for each member to view. one that either all can view in your
    profile.. or make it a private one only seen by the member themself..

    then we'd know who the AO addicts really are ..

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    i dont like this idea, itd just make members leave their computers connected to AO and have the best uptime.... itd just be pretty stupid... sorry for shooting down ur idea but thats how i see it
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    yeah NetSyn.. i didn't think it thru.. i suppose if one was able to just leave it connected all
    day just to boost themselves.. overall that would be a bad thing. but what if there were other
    critera as well.. as in ,not actively surfing the site being not being counted.. i suppose then
    it might require other changes, or too much coding to implement for a small feature.
    tho, if it was available only for individuals to see (as well as admin/mods) then no "contests" for status would take place.

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    Yeah, but if you can use the programs for the 'pay-to-surf' sites that allow you to be connected and it refreshes so it shows that you are active so you get payed more even when you're not online, why couldn't you use something like that to boost your AO hours?

    Something to think about.

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    Gaah... noooooooo... most of us don't want to know how pitiful we truly are
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    Well, not quite, but.... hehehe.


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    It happened in the past in irc, people started typing like crazy just to get the highest word count or stayed online as well.

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    This one was suggested a long time ago... Takes me back. The problem is that it is difficult to determine whether people are actually reading or just have a window open. And due to the way cookies may be handled, it is possible for people to simply never log off.

    I think it's not worth the trouble, and even if it was implemented, it would be unreliable. I could set Opera to refresh the main page every few minutes, to simulate full days of enlightened discussion...
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    I agree with Terr, and others. This would be VERY difficult to measure, and VERY easy for users to abuse.

    thanks for the suggestion though!

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