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Thread: Antipoints Quota

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    Post Antipoints Quota

    The newbies and everyone else whining about antipoints has caused changes to be made that screw over us members who have been here a long time. Listen, I gave up giving out antipoints, I didnt want anyone to think I was abusing the system, especially after the deal with Focmaester. Now I have to meet a quota of negative antipoints? This will force me to give negative points to posts that are truly undeserving, just so I can keep the balance. Screw that, its unfair, and Ive seen some truly decent posts today that were absolutely flooded with negative antipoints probably by people trying to stay balanced. So if you want me to become another Focmaester flooding people with negative ap and making stupid comments, then maybe thats what Ill do. After all he was closer to being balanced than most of the members here.

    Of course there was a solution. Stop using my other nick. This nick has never given out an antipoint, and therefore doesnt have to follow any rules for quota.
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    erm...there is no "quota" so to speak, my understanding is that you just have to keep about the same number of + and - antipoints given out. i'm sure there is plenty of room to just apply greenies to the ones that deserve it and red's to the ones that deserve that. for instance, my indicator reads like this:

    Total AntiPoints That You've Given Out: 203

    50% Positive 50% Negative

    i didnt TRY to do that, its just because i dont go throwing arround antipoints like there is no tomorow...i just give points to when i feel the need to. unfact, just looking at my "10 last antipoints given out" i see that 6 or 8 of them are red. why? because i happened on a rash of usless/annoying posts.

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    Well guess what. Ive given out around 3000 antipoints, 96% of which are positive, that means, I have to give out around 3000 negative AP to stay balanced.
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    So what is the big deal?
    Sure you can't give out positive AntiPoints RIGHT NOW, or else you won't get balanced out. And yes it is true, that you will have to give more people negative AntiPoints RIGHT NOW, to help you get balanced out. And perhaps when you are balanced out, you will be more picky on who you give your points to. Negative, and Positive.
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    If you've only been assigning positive AntiPoints, it's time that you start letting the trouble makers know that their behavior won't be tolerated!
    You see, I take a different approach to troublemakers like this. These people feed on attention. They want you to read their stupid threads with titles like "I want to hack hotmail". At first I too gave out negative points to these stupid threads, but that never stopped them from coming. I soon found that ignoring these posts, and not even giving these people negative antipoints was the best way. Do you think anyone would come in here and be stupid if we all ignored them? Besides, who is a troublemaker. One person could view a troublemaker as someone who likes mp3's since they are pirating music. So do I give negative AP to a post about mp3's, or would that be considered abusive?
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    Whoever said it had to be 50/50, eh?
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    A new thing that JP has put in. I have received a notice (which doesn't go away until you are balanced).

    Apparently I have to find some poor souls to give negative APs to.
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    hmm can we create a user to dump on? H4ckh0tm41L h4X0r 69 .... nah

    Create Balance... Based on my assesment of the posts on the site the best balance (fair) for anti points will be about 90 - 10 and even that may require me dumping the odd neg on some one or five

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    The tolorance is 70% either way before you get the 'miyagi' message. So if you've handed out more than 70% negative or more that 70% positive you get the message. It's being implimentend to allow automatic closure of threads.

    See JPs comments in this thread for the full sp:
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    My problem is. I have given out 17105 antipoints over time. As of right now I sit at 75% positive. I would have to hammer people with negs to get down to 70%.

    Just think about people that have handed out a couple thousand AP's and sit at like 95%-100% positives given. They will have to hit people with a shitload of negs to become ballanced.

    So I quess that I'll have to remain unballanced...<grin>
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