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    Negative anti-points

    Hey,I just logged in to my account and because I have got a negative anti-point I am told my account could be removed.....,who is asigning me these negative anti-points I wont be mad at you I just want to know what I have done wrong and why you are signing me negative anti-points because I really like anti-online and I dont want my account to be removed.

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    The whole idea of the antipoint system is that it is anonymous, so you don't know who is assigning you which antipoints. If you want to ask someone about an AP assignment, click the 'contact user about this assignment' link next to the APs you are concerned about and wait for them to respond.

    It's not just APs that mean your account could be removed, FocMaester was a long standing member of AO that abused the system and so was banned. Don't worry about your antipoints unless you have over 50 negatives, I've gone below 0 APs before and it never caused a problem for me.
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    of course... most ppl leave their nick at the end of an anti-point comment
    and like pwaring said... u really need to get a sh*t load of negz before u loose ur account
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