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Thread: *shrug* Antipoints

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    *shrug* Antipoints

    Antipoints, antipoints, antipoints...

    If you ask 90% of the people here, they'll say they don't care about antipoints. Yet 90% of all posts on GCC contains an 'antipoints'-referrer ("Btw some people have been dumping me with loads of negs... "). I don't mind people posting suggestions on how to alter/ammeliorate the antipoints-SYSTEM, but please stop bitching about every negative antipoint you receive.

    If you think someone is really abusing the system, talk to JP about it. JP WILL deal with flaws in the system, but I'm pretty sure he (or anyone else) gives a **** about people whining because they received a negative antipoint. From now on, I'm gonna delete every post saying nothing but 'Bweeeeh, I got a negative antipoint'. If you don't agree with that measure: here's your chance of balancing the antipoints you've assigned (and DO NOT sign them).

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    Hopefully that will clear up a lot of the messages. There have been way to many posts like that lately. I just wonder if you have enough time to delete every post like that, and still go too work every day
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    I wish to express my gratitude to the people of Italy. Thank you for inventing pizza.

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    <whine> but I don't wanna have antipoints...</whine>
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    Well said Negative! i wish that people could stop worrying about the damn antipoints and just post constructively.... if you post well, the antipoints will come. three cheers for negative!
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    Yeh your right.. I think there are a few with my nick.. killem..
    i,ve installed a whining post to reduce the clutter on AO.. well from me anyways... ..

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    To paraphrase a funny quip:

    APs are like pissing yourself in black pants. They give you a warm feeling, but nobody else notices...

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    Lol...my only problem with the Antipoint system is that the Autobann thing is breathing down my neck coz I'v given away too many good one's....lol
    I'm just too nice....lol
    - Noia
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