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    Active X Control

    hi every body
    i have a problem .i am trying to make script in html which make use of some activex object
    when every i enter the command
    set val = create object ("????")
    the explorer ask a question with yes and no button
    can i remove i does some body know about it to off that option
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    Are you using JavaScript or VBScript? From the set keyword, I'll take it that you are using VBScript.

    Maybe trying new object() would be better, because that would work in JavaScript, if you already had defined the object()'s function...

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    If the ActiveX controller isn't already installed on the computer, the yes/no-dialog is just a warning to the user that third-party software is about to be installed on the computer. You can't turn this off, except by using exploits (security holes) in Internet Explorer. And you wouldn't want to do that, would you?

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