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Thread: RedHat Linux 7.3

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    RedHat Linux 7.3

    OK Guys total Linux newbie here. I just installed Redhat and Voila! It worked fine. But, I have an external firewire harddrive, how do I go about mounting this to make it useable? And would any of my Windows games work on Linux?

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    Im not sure about mounting the harddrive. This is because i have a sep. smoothwall box. However, you can run some of the games by using WINE. However they are slow and not realiable. But the Linux versions (quake, UT2 etc) are cheaper then the Win versions, and they are just as good

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    well, to mount an external hard drive im thinking you could do this:
    mount -t fat /dev/sda6

    but check linuxdoc.org.. i hope i could help you dude...

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    omg....gamemasters...i thought u posted a lot more...guess i was wrong
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