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Thread: Newbie trouble

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    Unhappy Newbie trouble

    Starting a week ago, I had suspicions my system was being intruded upon.
    Various things were happening to it. The first of which was when I booted up, the
    CMOS screen came up first. I wondered why it did that. After that, there were
    incidents of a few of my document files were deleted without me doing it. Also, I
    had saved a document on a floppy, and tried saving again, and was stopped with
    a message saying "to contact my administrator for access" I then started looking
    on my drives and noticed one drive had more than it was supposed to have in
    it. There were about 5 $uninstall folders in a folder there also. I was not able to
    access some files, and that "contact administrator" message kept coming up.

    I was running Win98 plus WinXP, and normal boot was to Win98. I went into
    WinXP, and there was an administrator, plus a "user", plus my name as a "user"
    My name was last on the list. I did some further searching, made some phone calls, but nobody could help.
    I was told it was conflict between both OS, and to reboot. I did so, this time I could
    not access WinXP at all, and there were no files to find pertaining to WinXP.

    I called several computer repair shops for help, and they thought it was just
    normal stuff happening. Im not completely pc illiterate, but as far as these problems were
    hitting me, I know something is not right.

    I did tests at Sygate, and was surprised by the results. I downloaded their Pro version
    of protection. Afterwhich, it still ran the tests with the same results. I have been going
    back and forth through email with them, and still have no answer.

    I purchased Black Ice, and Norton virus protectors. I was using Norton at one point,
    and was trying to access the options button, and was stopped. as it said I was not
    the administrator, I could not access the controls. The next time I booted, I was not
    stopped, and could access the settings, but only for the rest of the day.

    I found your website while looking for ways to find out for sure if my system is being
    invaded. I am using a 2 way Satelite connection. I saw a post which told how to close port 139. I did what was instructed, removed the MS Network Services out, and checked on the TCP/IP settings, for the satelite device, and the NET BEUI was there, and disabled. Feeling a bit safer, I continued to read posts on this site, and went back to Sygate to run tests again. After I removed MS Network Services, I ran the UDP test again, this time resulting with "Net Bios-DGM-port...showing WINDOWS/Samba file & print sharing. This port had not shown up before when I ran that test. Now I cannot access my satelite connection. The TCP/IP satelite device is not on the list anymore. I also am unable to remove
    some programs, or install them. I formatted my harddrive, and installed Win98. I put
    black ice in before trying to connect to the internet. I tried to install the satelite device,
    but each time I click exe. it does not do anything. I looked in Windows setup, and
    am not able to access my address book for outlook express, nor able to run it. I get a
    error saying outlook express was not starting because MSOE.dll could not be loaded.
    Before I formatted, I could not access anything on my desktop. I did ctrl+alt+delete and
    it showed a long line of Rapapp and Run dll32. Also msimn was in the list.

    I am not asking for help unless anyone wants to tackle this with me. I am asking if it sounds
    to you as though my system is being invaded? Ive called the satelite provider, dial up
    provider, anyone they have suggested I contact about this. Everyone says the same
    thing...it could be a conflict somewhere.

    Thank you

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    Sounds like your CMOS battery died. Its so funny how everyone thinks that even the most mundane problems with a PC is "the work of an evil hacker".

    Trust me when I say I highly doubt that there is anything on your PC worth hacking for.

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    TY I will look into that battery. I appreciate your reply.

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    buy a new batter dood. It's not much.

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