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Thread: FireWall Trouble

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    FireWall Trouble

    I use the Firewall Black Ice Defender. So far it has been a great service to use but recently it has been going red on me. It keeps telling me that my computer is having a BootP File Overflow. Next to that is where the IP of the "supposed hacker" should be it reads
    I dont know why and it is annoying me that I dont know if I really am being hacked please help.

    Also anyone know how to check your points I dont understand the point system here.

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    BootP (Dhcp) I believe uses ports 67 and 68 try closing those with Black Ice, I've never used Black Ice, so I'm not sure how to do it... sorry. Hope it helps though


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    Ummm... last I knew, bootp was an ether broadcast (since there's no IP, it doesn't exactly have a way to route IP back to the requesting device). Though there are subtle differences between straight bootp and dhcp.

    Grab a copy of etherreal or something, though, and try sniffing your network. If you're on a cable modem, you'll probably be seeing a crapload of these sorts of requests, though... particularly if you're using a dynamic address (which almost all cable modems that I've seen, are).
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    Hi, Don't know about you firewall question. Here's some information about the point system:
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