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    Question Folders that weren't here when I first got this comp

    I was looking through my files, and I found several folders named $NtUninstallQ319580$ (though the numbers vary). My OS is Windows XP, and could someone tell me what these folders are for?
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    XP creates these under the /windows directory. Thats how the restore functions, remote help etc... and the OS keeps track of everything you uninstall and install. This is normal. You need not wory. Just don't tamper with the contents or you'll have a mess on your hands. Get tweak for XP and you can turn off most of this. Some of it is useless to the average user. Right click on my computer and select properties. You can turn off some of this in the properties.
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    This is usually when you run WindowsUpdate... (XP runs it automatically I think...)
    the Q319580 part is the ID of the bug that was fixed in that patch... (you can look it up at MS's knowledge base (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?pr=kbinfo)

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    yeap....those are like folders that hold ur restore every time u update the O/S...xp has the auto updating. so if u click install updates it creates a folder liek that to hold ur restore files...just in case the updates messes up ur pc
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