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Thread: my parents

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    Angry my parents

    i'm so *****ing pissed, i can't see straight, today i was like 30 minutes away from my house bmxing with my friends and my dad calls me on my cell phone and tells me to come home and take in 4 five gallon jugs of water, i was like "can't i just do it later," and the b@stard was all "get your a$$ home now" i was like this is bullsh*t, so i come home and my stupid parents are b*tching at my sister and then she makes up some story how she told me before i left, which she didn't, so i (being the nice brother that i am) say that she did, but i didn't hear her, i didn't want to get her in trouble, i thought that nothing would happen and then my dad tells me that i couldn't go back outside. I went *****ing berzerker and ran up stairs and kicked his stupid scanner that was on the ground and then i ran into my room and tried to calm down, then i went downstairs and my mom yelled at me about this Relay for Life thing and then i told her "not to cry about it," and she tried to slap me and i blocked her and grabbed her arms, at that point, i was ready to punch her. I didn't because my dad would probably kill me, i'm still *****ing pissed and i tried to jump out my window to escape but the screen is a POS and wouldn't open even by force... i am so madddd.....

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    um.... o.O

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    You are young, you got a lifetime to be pissed off.

    Trust me calm down, things will only get better as the day goes on. Sometimes the only way to look at things is that they are at the bottom. you can only go up from here.

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    Take a few deep breathing exercises and ponder:

    The older you get, the smarter your parents become.

    When I was a kid, I was mad at the world, especially my dad who was less than a perfect man who was bigoted, selfish and very controlled by my mother. Then when I got older and he committed suicide, I looked back and thought about my life: I have kids, a wife, job and trying to make everybody happy (three step kids) is not an easy job. It took me years to go back and actually cry for my father of whom I was so angry at and blamed all my life for not getting my way. It's too late now to make it up. Trust me, it could be worse.

    Hang in there, parents are not so bad

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    if i was able to give out more points today... u would get some right now : )

    sad part is they will be red like the rest u got

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    First, take the advice from the other posts here, which is good.
    Next, try to remember that your parents are human too, and therefore, like you, prone to making mistakes and pissing people off.
    Whenever you are with other human beings for more than eight hours at a time, as most families are, it's not uncommon to want to kill each other. Becoming a great person while at the same time making your life much easier for yourself, is learning to deal with difficult people who you may be thrown together with for extended periods of time. This will not end at you house; wait till you go to work every day. Bosses, co-workers, subordinates, customers, clients - all of them can be a real pain in the rear. If you can learn to deal with Mom, Dad, and Sis now, you will really be able to handle Boss Jerkface or Mr. Tattletale co-worker in your future job.
    Humility is a good thing, eat some crow once in a while - parents can get hung up on little things like bringing in the water jugs which in their current day-scheme is extremely important. Just bring in the jugs, say nothing, get back out with your friends. Everybody will win - they get their water jugs, there's no fight, you are hanging out again after a brief delay, and everyone moves on with their life. Learning self control will keep small inconveniences from becoming big nightmares.
    Because of your parents, who can be a big pain sometimes, you are able to use your computer from home, have a computer in the first place, have online access, a cellphone, food to eat, a room and bed to sleep in, etc.
    Finally, never, ever, ever resort to physical violence. That will totally be your undoing. You can ignore all my previous advice and tell me to go to hell five different ways for answering your post, but if you do nothing else, lose the physical violence. You have no idea how, if you physically hurt someone, it will come back to haunt you in your later years. I have dealt with a lot of people with physical violence and anger issues. EVERY single one of them have ruined their lives and live in regret. Remember Yoda's admonition -
    "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

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    god your a whingey lil brat!!
    so your parents had a go at you....big deal!!
    lets look at the facts we can gather from your post:
    1. You have a bmx
    2. You have a cell phone
    3. You have a computer (obviously)

    now lets compare all the things you have to the kids living in poverty or famine striken countries?? And your *****in' bitchin cause you had to carry some jugs of water in!? At least you have clean water to drink!

    All your post has done (apart from gettin you banned) is showin the rest of us just what a lil immature kid you really are! Hopefully the ban will either make you:
    1. Come back a better person
    2. Not come back at all

    But you need to do something!! (getting a life would prolly be a good start)


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    I think we'd all agree that he picked a /very/ bad day to make such a stupid comment...

    BMX? That made even me wince...
    \"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.\"
    Sir Winston Churchill.

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    you must have a rough life, all you have to worry about is carrying in some water.......

    rule of thumb never ever ever even think about hitting your mother no matter what.
    she had to deal w/ you for nine months, and now she has to deal w/ your S@&#.
    show some respect to you parents

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    Wow, looks like we have some balance whoring going on at ghost I's expense. His post, while possibly not deserving greenies, definately didn't deserve this many negs...bloody hell, some people are just sad. He was mad, made a post, and some idiots managed to get him banned.
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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