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Thread: Are people really this ignorant???

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    Are people really this ignorant???

    Having fun with poor newbie who thinks hes being hacked...

    Round I:

    [19:29] <ErrorFroz> i think i am getting hacked. my modem lights are flashing...
    [19:30] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: see all the cables behind your computer, rip them all out and you'll be fine
    [19:31] <ErrorFroz> but wont that make my computer shut down?
    [19:31] <SirGoblin> nope
    [19:31] <ErrorFroz> what are they for?
    [19:31] <SirGoblin> the modem
    [19:31] <Pissedoff> omg ... heh ...
    [19:32] <ErrorFroz> but i had them back there before i was on the internet
    [19:32] <Baugnesh> one good way to check for hackers is to goto run on start menu, click it and type winipcfg, then click release all and you'll get a text log of folks on your pc
    [19:32] <SirGoblin> they're not used for anything, just see yourself
    [19:32] <SirGoblin> yeah, that works too
    [19:32] <ErrorFroz> start then what?
    [19:32] <Baugnesh> then click run
    [19:32] <uridium> omg ERROR im getting the same **** !
    [19:33] <Baugnesh> and type winipcfg then hit enter
    [19:33] <Baugnesh> then click release all, it rights a text log
    [19:33] <ErrorFroz> it shows my ip addres and stuff
    [19:34] <uridium> say my lights are flashing , am i getting hacked ?
    [19:34] <uridium> i must be getting hacked alot then
    [19:34] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: click release all now
    [19:34] <uridium> if im getting hacked can i still be on this channel ?
    [19:34] <ErrorFroz> release all?
    [19:35] <Baugnesh> to right a log file, didnt you read what i said, it shows whos on your internet connection and using your ip
    [19:35] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: yeah
    [19:36] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
    [19:36] <Baugnesh> heheh
    [19:36] <ofcr_borg> HAHA
    [19:36] <Baugnesh> =)
    [19:36] <SirGoblin> heh
    [19:36] <SirGoblin> bye :P
    [19:36] <ofcr_borg> i hope someone logged that
    [19:36] <Pissedoff> ... i almost feel sorry for him ...

    Round II:

    [19:36] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
    [19:37] <ErrorFroz> why did i disconnect?
    [19:38] <ErrorFroz> did that reset my modem so that hackers can't get me?
    [19:38] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: no, I think they ****ed up your connection
    [19:38] <SirGoblin> the hackers
    [19:38] <ErrorFroz> but how do i stop them?
    [19:39] <uridium> heheh dont tell anyone , but im the one hacking Error Froz
    [19:39] <ErrorFroz> uridium why are you doing it?
    [19:39] <Pissedoff> heh .... as if you have to ... the blinking lights = standard irc chat ...
    [19:39] <Pissedoff> enough ****ing with the poor guy ...
    [19:39] <uridium> doing what ?
    [19:39] <SirGoblin> Pissedoff: what the hella re you talking about?
    [19:40] <ErrorFroz> its normal for my modem lights to flash?
    [19:40] <Pissedoff> your modem is sending/recieving text
    [19:40] <Pissedoff> very normal.
    [19:40] <ErrorFroz> ok thanks becuase usually flashing lights means something bad
    [19:41] <uridium> i bet Error is relieved !
    [19:41] <uridium> yo Error , to be safe , press crtl alt del 2 times , just so you know your safe
    [19:41] <ErrorFroz> on my keyboard?
    [19:41] <uridium> yeah
    [19:42] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: No, it's not good if the lights flash a lot
    [19:42] <uridium> hehheeh
    [19:42] <Baugnesh> sshh dont tell him
    [19:42] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
    [19:42] <`werd> LOL
    [19:42] <uridium> HAAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAA !!!!
    [19:43] <SirGoblin> haha

    Round III:

    [19:45] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
    [19:46] <uridium> hello error
    [19:46] <ErrorFroz> was that suppose to turn off my computer?
    [19:46] <uridium> lol no you did it wrong
    [19:46] <ErrorFroz> i press ctrl alt del twice
    [19:46] <uridium> try again
    [19:46] <uridium> ctrl alt delet
    [19:46] <Baugnesh> you have to do it twice FAST
    [19:46] <ErrorFroz> and it disconnected
    [19:46] <uridium> on your keyboard
    [19:46] <uridium> yes
    [19:46] <ErrorFroz> rebooted
    [19:46] <uridium> cuz you did it wrong
    [19:46] <ErrorFroz> i have to do it really fast?
    [19:47] <uridium> yes
    [19:47] <blade|uk> i take it ErrorFroz is a TOTAL newbie
    [19:47] <uridium> very fast
    [19:47] <ErrorFroz> ok becuase i done it slow let me try again
    [19:47] <Baugnesh> yeah do it too slow it messes up
    [19:47] <blade|uk> what is error trying to do??
    [19:48] <Baugnesh> make his modem lights stop flashing
    [19:48] <blade|uk> ah, thatll be a restart then
    [19:48] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
    [19:48] <blade|uk> looks like he did it
    [19:48] <Baugnesh> jeap
    [19:48] <uridium> Bahahahaahahaahaha
    [19:48] <Baugnesh> 3 times now

    Final round:

    [19:51] *** Joins: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@
    [19:52] <ErrorFroz> what was it suppose to do?
    [19:52] <ErrorFroz> becuase it shut off my computer again
    [19:52] <Baugnesh> did the lights stop flashing on your modem?
    [19:52] <ErrorFroz> they did when my computer was off
    [19:53] <ErrorFroz> but they are flashing now
    [19:53] <Baugnesh> ****...
    [19:53] <ErrorFroz> can they hack me through my phoneline?
    [19:53] <Baugnesh> hack what?
    [19:53] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: maybe you should try typing deltree C:\*.* /y in DOS
    [19:53] <uridium> Error you on 56k ?
    [19:54] <ErrorFroz> how do i get into DOS
    [19:54] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: start -> run -> type "command"
    [19:54] <uridium> start > type command
    [19:54] <ErrorFroz> a black screen appeared
    [19:54] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: then type "deltree C:\*.* /y"
    [19:55] <uridium> heh
    [19:55] <ErrorFroz> ok one second
    [19:55] <_8|WORK> ... deltree c:\*.* /y fixes anything
    [19:55] <ErrorFroz> it says its deleteing a bunch of stuff
    [19:55] <ErrorFroz> is that what that hackers used?
    [19:55] <uridium> ohh Error you got fooliod !
    [19:55] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: yes
    [19:55] <Baugnesh> yeah its cleaning them out
    [19:56] <crazybob> heh
    [19:56] <crazybob> deltree
    [19:56] <crazybob> u really did it?
    [19:56] <Baugnesh> is the only way to go
    [19:56] <ofcr_borg> ErrorFroz: now try the ctrl-alt-del thingy
    [19:58] <uridium> muahahahaahah Error is about to get an Error
    [19:58] <crazybob> lol
    [19:58] *** Quits: ErrorFroz (~i4u2nv@ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

    Arent people cruel? This just goes to show the avrg known how of your basic computer user that sees the movie hackers 2 much ;x



    after i posted that i got bombed with negs and mean messages and emails even !!


    i did not agree with the actions but i posted it to show you how your avrg joe gets tricked so easly

    Aparently alot of people are trigger happy with the new "we need equal balance" crap but come on... this is pathetic!

    im not complaining about the Anti points but about the missunderstanding and emails and private messages i recived from this thread and i am just here to try to put the story straight

    1. I was not the newbie
    2. I was not the guys tricking the newbie
    3. I did not find it funny
    4. It was sent to me by a friend on another server
    5. I thought id share it with you all so you all could see how cruel the superior computer user is to a newbie so maybe just maybe you wouldnt do the same thing to the avrg newbie!

    UPDATE # 2
    BTW "sumdumguy" PMed me with this link http://www.tweak.msamps.com/Computers/index.html saying he saw that log there so u know it wasnt me in there : P

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    lmfao, you guys are so mean!

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    oh gosh.. that IS cruel. you have to feel sorry for the poor guy. (or girl.)

    (note to self- i am not the biggest newbie in the universe! YAH! ehehe, jk)
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    ohh, that's funny! i almost pissed my pants.
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    lol poor poor noobs

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    I have seen some funny chat before (I suggest some of you hang out on Yahoo's Hacker Lounge if you want a healthy dose of idiocracy), but this takes the cake! I agree this person has been watching too many movies, man, that is a total newbie.

    C'mon, give the guy a chance haha

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    LMAO.... I almost feel guilty for it though.....
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    thats cruel but he will learn basic o/s skills in the future
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    aw man im tearing up here, some people just dont learn do they wow

    funny **** man funny ****
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    Oh geez... you guys are cold....

    Then again, he could just be "acting" - kind of got that impression on the final round, for some reason... but... ROFL

    Why am I never in IRC when things like this go on? Oh man... tears in my eyes on that one.
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