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Thread: Does Netbios log?

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    Does Netbios log?

    I have an old computer that is just sitting around at the moment and I decided out of bolth boardum and couriosity I would connect it to the web with netbios open and just sit back and relax and see how many people it attracks. What i am wondering is does netbios log ip addresses or anything else that would let me know when someone is in my system or is there any program out there that does this if windows does not. I dont want a firewall because i dont want to block it just monitor it. Oh and also if windows does where is that file kept. After this i am gonna maybe put a trojan on my computer and watch that or maybe install win2k nt or xp and have some other services open and just keep an eye on that. I just want to do a little reasearch and find who all it attracks and possibly what they have in common and what they did when they got access. I know it is probably dumb but like i said its just sitting there and i am bored and curious.

    Thanks in advance
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    Well, not really...
    NT/W2k sort of logs, but in limited ways... like you wont find IPs in the logs... You would find the logs (if enabled) in admin tools->event viewer->security)
    9X doesn't log at all...

    You could do IP logging with any good firewall by watching connections on ports 137, 138, 139 and 445 on w2k/xp

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    Zonealarm set on medium still lets people know the ports are there and you're computer exists but it rejects any connections, logs the IP too.

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    have a look here, should get you started. http://www.sans.org/newlook/resource.../honeypot3.htm
    make sure you check the links at the botton as well,
    Hope it helps

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