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Thread: trouble with a possible virus

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    trouble with a possible virus

    greetings all, i don't know how this happened, but i have a lot of self extracting exe's, but recently they are all either corrupt or they illegal operation, does anyone know the cause of this? thanks for the help

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    Can we have some more information? What are the files, and where did you get them?

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    Klez can cause that to happen...but so can a lot of other viruses. More information is really needed here.
    Thank you.

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    Sounds very much like a virus. A good anti-virus program can be found at www.f-prot.com

    It does the traditional Signature Scan to find viruses but also uses Checksum and Heuristic scan to find new and hard to identify viruses. Hope that helps.
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    hmmm...it might be a virus or that ur self extracting exe's didnt get downloaded correctly....or maybe the server u are d/ling form doesnt have the full file....like the others have said more info would be useful
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