Virus/Worms Update June 11, 2002
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Thread: Virus/Worms Update June 11, 2002

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    Cool Virus/Worms Update June 11, 2002


    Symantec reports on W32.HLLW.Nople, which is a network-aware worm that copies itself to all remote computers as the file
    C:\Winnt\Noplease_flash_movie.exe and has the message "Es hora de formatear tu disco".

    Trend Micro reports on WPRO_SPENTY.A, which is a destructive Lotus Word Pro Macro file infector that infects files as they are opened or created.

    Trend Micro reports on HTML_HAIYASP.A, which is a web-based backdoor malware that is targeted at web servers. It compromises network security and may be used to delete files and folders from infected systems.

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    Thanks for the info, Sonic.


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    Thanks Sonic. I missed my regular updates, had the work system "down for major repairs" former office "person" chucked a wobbley and allowed the server to partake in a caffine and syrup base beverage... I dont know what was funnier her fight with the Boss or her wetting herself when We caught her in the act of damaging the server..

    ahh but i digress.. sry thanks
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