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Thread: Click Back button to re-enter password

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    Click Back button to re-enter password

    Seems if you are entering a post and your cookie/session times out and you have to re-enter and then subsequently get the password wrong, you are presented with a screen that tells you to "hit the back button and correct it" - yet, the expiration on the previous page is set such that, when you hit the back button, the page isn't there anymore.

    Also, along those same lines, I've lost a lot of PMs and messages (mostly entered on the "quick reply" area) to my session timing out. I'm forced to cut and paste them in case the board decides to "eat" them.
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    I find that my sessions time out quite a lot if I spend some time on another site whilst logged into AO. Perhaps an option to set the session time manually in your site preferences would be a good idea - my email provider allows me to do this an it's very useful when I just reload the page every 30 minutes or so to see if any new mail has arrived.

    The quick reply area often caused problems for me, I've lost countless messages that way so now I make sure that I copy/paste everything before attempting to post.
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    draziw, unfortunately the expiration is something that's determined by your browser, not our site, so there really isn't anything that I can do about it.


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