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Thread: MacId Changer

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    MacId Changer

    Anyone know a website where i can get an MacID changer from?

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    Mac ID changer?
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    You can't 'change' your mac address for your network card as they're all individually unique based on whatever company made them. The only thing you could possibly do is to spoof a mac address at the router level and that's not something I'm passing along.
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    I was afraid to reply to the question cuz I never heard of a MacID changer either. MediEvil, do you mean a changer for your MAC Address or an ID changer for a Mac computer? I am kind of confused...

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    Humm, if you try searching the forums for MAC Changer, you will find at least 2 different results. I would post them, but I want to make sure you know how to use a search engine first....

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