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    Security tip

    The other day while reading I noticed a tutorial that could be harmful to me because I use a network. If you have file print and sharing on in your network it can make your computer very easy to attack. So if you have those on you should turn them off.

    The way to go about doing this is to click on the Icon Network Neighborhood.
    Once inside network neighborhood Right click a sub menu should pop up go down to Properties.
    There should be a tab called File print and sharing.
    After clicking this it should bring up a sub menu which has to items in it. Make sure they both do not have a check by the name if they do you are making yourself an easy hit for most hackers out there.

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    Ummm, I guess this is a good point for a total newbie. This is a very known fact though. It has been mentioned in here a few times before, but every once in a while it is nice to remind the newbs of the basics.

    One point though. This is a microsoft security item, not a "Newbie Question" so please post it in the proper place. I know I checked the thread expecting you to have a question, and I am sure a few other people will also. If it was in MS security, I probably would have ignored it completely, because I am removing MS from our network.
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