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Thread: Linux/Linux to DOS Command Reference

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    Post Linux/Linux to DOS Command Reference

    Part 1:
    I stumbled upon some really nice Linux Command Refrences. Enjoy!


    If you need a better Reference, PM me and I can send you a really good ebook.

    Part 2:
    I'm very sure that there are some people here who have a real hard time adjusting to Linux, but if you use MS-DOS, here is a nice comparisson between MS-DOS commands and their Unix equivalents. (Please note that this is from a book called 'Unix for the Impatient').

    MS-DOS | Unix
    attrib |chmod, ls -l
    cd, chdir |cd, cddir, pwd
    command |sh, csh
    comp |cmp
    copy |cp, cat
    date |date
    del, erase |rm
    dir |ls
    exit |exit
    fc |cmp, diff
    find |fgrep
    md,mkdir |mkdir
    more |more, less, pg
    path |set PATH
    print |lp,lpr
    prompt |set PS1, set prompt
    rem |echo
    ren |mv
    rd, rmdir |rmdir, rm -r
    set |set, setenv
    sort |sort
    time |date
    type |cat
    xcopy |cp, cpio -p

    **Please remember that the above "Ms-DOS commands and their Unix Equivalents" is a exerpt from "UNIX for the Impatient" which is an excellent book if you want to learn UNIX quick.

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    nice...very usefull for us linux newbies...personally i had that.....but thx bunches
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    Yes, thanks alot. That can help ones who were fimilar with Windows and DOS but just moved to Unix based clients and want to leanr unix.
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    MSdos and the linux command have a lot of similarities, perhaps if someone has grown up using nothing but the Linux shell then it would be weird for that person to adjust to MSdos.

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