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Thread: some history (whom ever is interested)

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    Post some history (whom ever is interested)

    I did some reading and here is what I found:

    First computer bug:

    The first computer bug ever reported was discovered by Grace Hopper (A mathematition and pioneer programer) who was working on the Harvard Mark 1 computer during the 1940s time period. She was troubleshooting a system failier when she discovered a small moth traped inside a mechanical relay inside the computer. Ever since the process of troubleshooting the computer was refered to as debugging, thus the term computer bug.

    Origin of the C language:

    C was created by a man named Dennis Ritchie who was working for AT&T Bell laboratorys in 1972. He created the C language not for fun but for a purpose. the purpose was to create the Unix operating system. Previously there was a B language invented at Bell so they decided to call this one C.

    Origin of Linux:

    A man named Linus Torvalds who was a computer science student at the university of Helsinki purchased a brand new 386 IBM computer, un happy with the operating system he wanted a difernt operating system. He wanted Unix, but Unix was nt free so he decided to make a free veersion of the Linux operating system called Linux, he got together with a group of hackers and set out to develop the Linux kernel. In 1991 October 5th he released the first version of the linux kernel.

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    That's the only link that I found that relates...but there is an excellent double page spread in the current issue of 'Wired' magazine, which gives a link to a more in-depth timeline...but I left it on my desk at work, and the mag's website is not updated yet (go figure).
    The earliest language that I've had any experience with...real experience...is BASIC. Laugh if you wish, but most users that claim that they operate FORTRAN, don't...a descendent of the original, maybe....

    And how do VB and J1.3 and C# figure in?...it's a long history, and very interesting. I'd really like to learn more about the foundation of "Mathematica", aside from what I've read in magazines...

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    here is a little more on Tux and Linux, I originaly posted it here:

    However the source is not available anymore so I'll paste it here for you all to read:

    Why Penguins?
    Just in case you havn't already heard enough, here is Linus' explanation for why he's fond of Penguins:
    From: Linus Torvalds

    Ok, short version:
    I've always liked penguins, and when I was in Canberra a few years ago we went to the local zoo with Andrew Tridgell (of samba fame). There they had a ferocious penguin that bit me and infected me with a little known disease called penguinitis. Penguinitis makes you stay awake at nights just thinking about penguins and feeling great love towards them. So when Linux needed a mascot, the first thing that came into my mind was this picture of the majestic penguin, and the rest is history.
    Slightly more accurate version:
    Yes, I was bitten by a penguin, but it wasn't actually very ferocious. It was really just a pigmy penguin about 6 inches tall or something, and it was more of a timid nibble ("is this finger a see before me a small fish, or what?"). Even so, I like penguins a lot.

    More down-to-earth version:
    All the other logos were too boring - I wasn't looking for the "Linux Corporate Image", I was looking for something _fun_ and sympathetic to associate with Linux. A slightly fat penguin that sits down after having had a great meal fits the bill perfectly.

    Final comment:
    Don't take the penguin too seriously. It's supposed to be kind of goofy and fun, that's the whole point. Linux is supposed to be goofy and fun (it's also the best operating system out there, but it's goofy and fun at the same time!).
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    Fun indeed,
    SuSE> "have a lot of fun"
    The book Linus wrote> "just for fun"

    it all adds up

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    Thank you both for the aditional information, I think it is very interesting to learn about the history of computers. From main frames takeing up the size of a room to home computers to personal computers. Very interesting indeed. Wow, I did not know why Linus chose the penguin for a mascot but now I do.

    I found a bit of history on DOS for anyone who is interested:

    Microsoft in 1981, was a small firm who specialized in Basic language interpriters purchased a operating system known as 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products. When the first IBM PC was made IBM made an agreement with Microsoft to have the operating system modified to suport the IBM PC. IBM then marketed the new operating system called PC-DOS. Microsoft also developed their own version slightly difernt then PC-DOS and named it MS-DOS, also compatible with the IBM PC. Other versions of DOS were being created such as DR-DOS. I don't know who made DR-DOS though.
    In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom
    which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. But must I know what must not come, for I shale become those of knowledgedome. Peace~

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