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Thread: Advisory - Securing and Protecting Your Web Server

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    OCIPEP Issues Advisory - Securing and Protecting Your Web Server With the recent increase of web site defacements with anti-G8 messages, OCIPEP has issued an advisory reminding system and network administrators to maintain secure web servers. Web site defacements are normally, but not exclusively, a result of buffer overflows, poor coding (CGI scripts) and improper configurations. The advisory lists some of the basic measures to protect against defacements, such as keeping operating systems and applications software patched, checking logs regularly and maintaining a current backup of the systems.

    Comment: OCIPEP's Advisory AV02-030 can be viewed at:

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    this is something all sysadmins should worry about, all the time. eventually you'll get so paranoid or it will be habit, that reminders are no longer necessary.

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