Hi, I am a real newbie to all of this. I'm on a mission to learn, especially in tracking and identification of hackers. I'm running 2 machines, [A 400MHz and a P166mmx with an ethernet network on good old XP Pro, and the accursed ICS...]
I'm looking forward to meeting all and I've already seen things I want to go and play around with, oh, and learn them!!!
I spend most of my time dealing with Subseven Trojan attempted, and successful intrusions, and have been fairly successful communicating with my local AUT at tmy ISP. Several children are no longer with that service provider.....
As I'm disabled, [And insomniac,] I have time to think; so I hope I can be of any use to anyone who falls into my scope of learning.

Thanks all, good to get to know ya'all!