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Thread: Question: CodeWeavers CrossOver Office 1.1

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    Question: CodeWeavers CrossOver Office 1.1

    CodeWeavers: CrossOver Office 1.1

    I stumbled over this article and found it interesting in comparison to other similiar products out on the market today.

    My question: Have anybody used "CrossOver Office" and is the product worth checking out ?


    Source: Linux Today
    CodeWeavers: CrossOver Office 1.1

    CodeWeavers, Inc. , has unveiled new versions of two members of its product line: CrossOver Office Version 1.1 and CrossOver PlugIn 1.1.2.

    CrossOver Office Version 1.1 is the newest version of CodeWeaver's software solution that allows Linux and Unix users to operate Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes on their PCs without the Windows operating system.

    The rest of the article can be found here.

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    Thanks for the info. This will be usefull. Currently I have no problems with MS documents. The latest version of OpenOffice supports all the way up to OfficeXP documents. You can even save files in native Office2000/XP formats now. I do have one problem though. Publisher documents are useless in Tux. So this may be the solution I've been looking for.
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