well, some of you may know me from my abusive behaviour on the irc server, or the boards, and i just have to say, that`s just how i am.anyways, i`ve seen a lot of bullshit on the boards, especially from those of you that still belives that antionline is a hacker page, and those of you that doesnt know the difference of a hacker and a cracker...to those of you who feel like sending me complains from e-mail becouse you think i am being 'discusting' towards those of you who wants to crack my e-mail and so on, i will not reply on theese mails, nor will i bother reading any mails who say "watch your mouth" or something like that, some of you may be disapointed over this, but that`s what we in the '****ing' trade call "tough ****".heh =]
i will probably recieve about 50 mails about my behavior here, but, heh, i dont really care=]
heh, and to those of you who sits on your chairs and spams up the boards hoping to loose the "antionline n00b" title, try dragging your asses on IRC for once, there is a lot more interesting ppl there, and some brighter ones too =]