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Thread: A messed up Crank Call

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    Talking A messed up Crank Call

    i heard a screwed up crank call. these guys call this lady's house saying that they are from AOL, and they have monitored her computer and that she someone on there has been looking at "gay male beastiality" and that she has to delete it from her computer, because it violates the Terms of Agreement. she says "ok.. (reluctantly)" and they take her into MS-DOS where they have her do the DELTREE C:\*.* and she's all "it says it's deleting a lot of stuff.." then the guy says "How does it feel to **** over a computer?" and she is like "what?" and the guys are laughing, i was like damn that's messed up....

    oh well..i guess that's why it helps to have some computer knowledge.

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    I doubt this is true... but if it is then that is very sad..

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    I don't think it's untrue. Many people do that and many people pretend to be rep's from many different companies.

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    Yea I head that myself, it was a preety good laugh, I do think it was real, phreak radio I belive they said it was.
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    I have seen AOL spam with "you better do this and that" before we do "insert threat here." I have never heard of people actually going to the extreme of making a phone call to some hapless victim. My guess if this is true, the callers knew the caller(s) in one way or another. Either way, it's all a darn shame people have to act this way to have fun.

    It's pathetic.

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    I agree with you numb, they need to get a life. There is no excuse for such childish behavior that costs the end user (dumb or not) a shitload of money to a tech to get the machine back to normal. Get a life and get your kicks someplace else that does not cause others such damage.
    Besides the fact that its childish, whats the challenge and fun of misleading someone who is obviously technically defunct down the path to a dead PC?

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    I think it's true. There are many people that do such harmful things. They create Script Kiddies. Would that be considered a form of social engineering?
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    It happens a lot, many home users don't know stuff about computers and are easily tricked.
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    by the way, the proper term for it is "Prank Call" not "Crank call"

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    by the way, the proper term for it is "Prank Call" not "Crank call"
    Now, now.... we get the idea

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