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    Smile Cisco 3640

    Any ideas about misconfiguration errors that may allow access through a Cisco 3640 PIX?

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    Did a search on google and that was was one of the best. The rest were .pdf's.
    Here is the search results if you want to get those: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...=Google+Search
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    The cisco 3640 isnt a PIX, but it does have the firewall security software. What exactly were you looking at doing with regards to the firewall software? Basically, as long as you add the appropriate NAT and Access list statements you should be fine with regards to basic security. If you are running an Enterprise then a firewall is more recommended than just using the security on a router. The firewalls design is to solely deal with secure connections to the internet. And with corporations having 100k or more connections at any given time to the internet, when you use a router, the NAT translation consumes about 16k. With all the other data and hardware it has to process, you will end up using all of your memory on the router and end up cratoring it.

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