Hey guys, I've got a non-security related issue here but I thought I'd come to you guys hoping that someone could help me because I'm running out of options. Here's the situation - I've got a PC, running Windows 2000 Pro SP2 that I'm running NS/Portfolio v3.12 (an AS400 emulation suite for a PC). Here's the problem - after installing the NS software, the PC won't shut down - it exits Windows, apparently correctly, then hangs at a black screen with a blinking cursor. My best guess is that it's power related. Sources of information that I'm coming across all point to power issues, but I haven't found anything that works yet. The company who created the software no longer supports this particular package, so no help there.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation with this software package? Or, if you have experienced a Windows 2000 shutdown problem with another software package, what kind of fix did you apply? I've 'Googled' for answers, but so far haven't come up with anything that works. Is there a way I can force Windows 2000 to off everything and shutdown completely?

The BIOS has been flashed with the latest software - I did this thinking that if it was a power issue, maybe this would solve it.

Any ideas or sources of information you guys could point me to would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...