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Thread: cokeauction.ca security issue

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    Lightbulb cokeauction.ca security issue

    Those who are Canadian have seen the commercial (maybe US too... but for american products) from Coca~Cola and collecting points of the label to bid on items...

    I registered today after obtaining two cards from Kelsey's restaurant and after entering my info and points, I noticed there was no log-out option...

    I closed the browser and went back to find myself still "in"...

    Usually that isn't a problem, but since I work security (physical) at my college, I spend a good part of my time using their computers and not mine...

    There isn't much of an issue to theft of points (credits, whatever....) but if I were to collect xxx number of points, I'd hate to have them wasted by someone bidding on a Britney Spears cd...

    The product would be sent to my current mailing address, but what would I do with a Spears cd?

    Just thought I'd let others here know about this...

    Side Note: Haven't tried it yet, but I think wiping the cookies before another person uses the computer is the only way to "protect my investment"

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    8 Things to do with a britney spears CD

    8. Try and burn it
    7. Smash it
    6. Sell It
    5. Scratch the surface
    4. Throw it at someone
    3. Play Frisbee!
    2. Give it to the person you hate
    1. Use it as a drink tray

    -[h3llbringer] is back, again.
    -MSN CLoNE.

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    I thought that's what I was suppose to do with an AOL cd?
    (with the exception of #8)

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    Donít forget
    -target practice (PULL! BAM!)
    -driving your co-workers nuts
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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