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Thread: ~*~*Exploit RIP data *~*~

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    ~*~*Exploit RIP data *~*~

    Hackers could exploit new RIP data snooping powers
    by Bill Goodwin
    Thursday 13 June 2002

    Businesses fear that hackers and private investigators will abuse sweeping new government powers to access e-mail, telephone and Web browsing records unless strict controls are put in place.
    Full Story Here! ! !

    I found this very interesting. What is your opinion on this article?
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    The London Internet Exchange, which represents ISPs, said it is having discussions with the Government to find ways of verifying the authenticity of notices issued by new government bodies. "There will need to be a framework for all these organisations to verify themselves. The onus will be on them to prove they are legitimate," said Roland Perry, acting chief executive at the London Internet Exchange.
    Guess not all ISP's are in agreement with this new law coming about.

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