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Thread: spamhole and other links

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    spamhole and other links

    sorry for the title.. i just figured why make more than one post just to share some links.


    If you're anything like the average internet user, you get spam email nearly every day. These are unsolicited commerical emails that advertize things like "Make Money FAST $$$$" and "Hot Chicks waiting for YOU!". You didn't ask to start receiving these emails and you don't know how to get off their lists. Every new email address you get starts getting bombarded with these emails within a few months; you've started to wonder if the only way to aviod a deluge of Spam mail is by not giving out your email address.

    We have the solution.

    SpamhOle.com allows you to create a temporary email address; nameyoupick@spamhole.com. For the number of hours that you choose, all email to nameyoupick@spamhole.com address is automatically forwarded to your regular email address. After time is up, any new mail that comes to your spamhole address is automatically deleted. This way, you never have to give your email address out when you sign up for stuff on the internet. You can create a spamhole address, sign up for stuff on the internet, and not have to worry about your mailbox becoming a target for spammers.
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    Neat sites, I use all4you for some of my downloads and their programs are clean and all seem to work fine.
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