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Thread: Operating Systems, wow.

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    Operating Systems, wow.

    Lately I have been spending more time filling in my knowledge gaps, well today I decided I wanted to learn more about Operating Systems so I went to visit my trusty friend google and here is what I found, http://www.howstuffworks.com/operating-system1.htm

    I knew about unix based operating systems, windows operating systems and macintosh but I thought it ended there. Now I am learning that it there are specialized operating systems made for robotics, industrial controll, mainframes and more. I have a diploma in Electronics Engineering so this is very interesting for me. I knew that you can program these chips called PLDs (Programable Logic Devices) and you could program processors and microcontrollers to be used in robotics, but I never thought operating systems were needed. I am a mix between a electronics hobyist and a computer geek, if you may call me that. I have a wide spectrim of interest when it comes to computers. Anyways to bring this thread to a point, has anyone here had any experience with operating systems other then Unix, Windows and mac OSs,. Also if you have used difernt versions of Unix what ones have you tryed.
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    Well, I played around with the short lived BeOS for a while.
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    I've messed around with the following OSes at one point or another:

    MacOS 6-X
    Novell 4x-5x
    Windows DOS-Win2K
    *Nix(Solaris 7-8, Redhat Linux5.2-7.2, Yellow Dog Linux, Suse, bit of VMS/VAX)

    I think that's all of them. Never got to BEos or NeXT but wanted to try them.

    What chips have you programmed? Im in the process of building my first hexapod using the Parallax Basic 1 (Im thinking of upgrading it to a Basic2e/p or Javelin chip eventually)
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    Novell, Solaris and Linux for me

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    I have worked with Windows(all), Novell, MacOS, OpenBSD, Solaris, SuSE Linux and OpenStep(I have a NeXT station pizza box)
    Allmost all of the above (except windows) are Unix based.

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    I have worked with a few OS from time to time, some of them.

    MacOS 6-X,Novell 3x-6x, Windows, Dos, OS/2, OS/400, BeOS, *nix, amos.
    and many, many other have I played with, and disliked more or less. Today am I permanently hooked with FreeBSD .

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    DOS, all the Win flavors, BeOS, Mac OS, Novell, OS2 Warp, several Linux distro's. I've tinkered with some others. This are just the main ones I've either goofed with or goofed up.....

    One little toy I forgot. It's a psuedo OS. It's actualy a stand alone file manager, ala norton commander style. That actualy boots from its own floppy and has it's own UI. It's great for checking out any FAT formatted HDD's. It's great for a crashed Windows job. You can go in pull up and edit just about any file on the disk. It's called Adrenal Manager. It runs as DOS so it's a program actualy. But still it's cool.
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    versions of dos since ibm pc-dos, windows since win2.0, just recently playing around with rh7.2

    then there's some others which i haven't messed with but are interesting

    the Lego OS

    The ASM based os
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    Lego OS kicks butt.
    Humm, do you mean experience as in I have used it, or as in I know it. There is a big difference. I have used Dos, Win (since 3.0), OS/2Warp, MacOS (since 6.1) (no OSX yet though), Redhat, Debian, Slackware, Caldera, Yigdrisal Linux (no longer exists), Suse, Minix, SCO, FreeBSD, NeXT Step, HpUX, Irix, AIX, PalmOS, WinCE, QTLinux (I think thats what its called), legOS, and also tested a couple different "floppy os'" like LOAF or some that someone wrote for fun.
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    Win since 3.1 , dos, MacOS, Linux (RedHat, Suse, Caldera).

    A question: what kind of OS is Novell? I don't know anything about it

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