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Thread: How did he do that ?

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    How did he do that ?

    Hi all, my question is someone showed my ip address on winmx chat room , the thing that gets me is how can he get my ip address , when your name in the room, is a nickname ? 2nd question is , i was told , if i wanted to get someones ip address, go to dos and type in" netstat -an 10", but when i try and find out whois , it shows me the hotmail office ... i know im doing something wrong can u help ? again i state that im less then a newbie , but i want to learn , i just need a push. if u help or do not help i understand either way, i dont want to be a spounge .
    what a day.

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    this question was already posted on your previous thread mr...


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    I have answered the question in your previous post.

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