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Thread: Please Update Quicktips

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    Please Update Quicktips

    Please update the quicktips. I submitted 2 a while ago and either you didnt approve them, or you havent seen them yet. I notice the same 32 have been the only ones there for the last few weeks.
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    I'm waiting for my quick tip to be approved too, it's not like they take a lot of time to check.

    I think it would be better if we had a ranking system for the quick tips, just like we do for messages in the forums (so you could assign antipoints to quick tips and the better ones would be displayed more often). That way, no-one needs to moderate the quick tips.
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    A problem with that would be that whether its a good tip depends on the person reading it really...

    So, while all the quick tips one group of users see may be great and they assign a rank to it, they could basically be making everyone see tips dealing with the basics of security, just because it helped them... not ones which are truly gems that can really help everyone.... *providing they understand what its saying*....
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