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Thread: Some questions about Unix, telnet, and shell accounts

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    Some questions about Unix, telnet, and shell accounts

    How do I use telnet? The program doesn't make any sense to me. Also could i get a free shell account ISP name and web address.

    Where do i get Unix? Do you have to buy a certain PC, or can i buy any comp. and install it?

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    hmm I suggest you read some tutorials / manuals before you do something stupid. Do not switch to a *nix system to look cool, just do it cause you think it's right... hmm

    Well where do you get unix? I assume that you mean a GNU/linux flavor? http://www.gnu.org/
    Or do you really want to buy a unix OS (or get a free one)?

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    Under win9/me/NT/2K/XP you can use telnet either by going into start> run > and type telnet and connect to the remote server.
    or in msdos type telnet address port.

    There are numerous ways to get unix you can buy or download a version of bsd (freebsd netbsd openbsd) and install on any pc. or you could get solaris x86 from sun microsystem.

    Or the expensive way is to buy a sparc workstation from sun, hp or ibm

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    Although it might be too much info on telnet try this:

    I would drop "shell accounts" into www.google.com there are just too many resources to list

    For linux distro I suggest here:


    All available for download. Certain PC's are not 'required' however each distro has a HCL I believe. Most machine should be fine. Look around the tutorial forum for much more info then I could ever give out.

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    telnet is a service running on unix and similar os. you can use the telnet programm to connect to this computer and work on it as if you sit directly in front of this computer. try this adress for an introduction in telnet. for further info type in google e.x. telnet commands, telnet,...
    have a lot of fun...
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    Hi SS,
    I'm a newbie just like u but i do have a suggestion for u . u read the tutorials forum in same site and also books mentioned in there & i bet u 'll have 90% of ur problems solved without
    asking for it . it'll surely save alot of time . :-)

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    Also, if you want a lot of information on linux, what its capable of, what its used for, and pretty much anything else about it goto www.linuxdoc.org Its full of great info.

    On another note though, I would suggest mastering your win Operating System before you attempt to use any flavor of *nix. *nix is very involved and completely different from Windows. So, Learn all you can about the win platform before trying any thing on linux. Just a suggestion.

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