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Thread: What can i do with an IP add. ?

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    What can i do with an IP add. ?

    I recently installed Nortons Internet Security program.
    Which has a firewall, virus protection, etc, etc

    I was online the other day when a window poped up and said:

    "Attemped attack...." hack attemp on date etc..

    It also included an IP address. I as asuming that this is the attackers IP address?

    What can i do with this IP address, i know that it is like the computer name etc.

    But can i contact this computer Via this IP address?

    Also, What is a port scanner? I downloaded a port scanner called SuperScan 3.0 for windows, and put in the IP address of my so called "hacker", and SuperScan returned :


    What is this?, did i record the wrong IP address, or something?

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    Well, if you have the IP address you can find out the cracker's Internet Service Provider and make a complaint to them. But to be honest, any knowledgeable cracker will be using an anonymous proxy, or else they will be using a "zombie" computer they have compromised in order to attack other computers. To be honest, it's probably not worth the trouble to make a complaint unless the same person keeps bothering you. To find out the ISP of an IP, you can dowload a tool called "Sam Spade" that will allow you to do whois lookups. www.samspade.org
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    Here we go... The ip address that was reported is prolly that of the "attacker". If you goto a whois lookup site like ARIN and put in the ip address it will tell you what isp that ip address belongs too. It will(should) also give you a notify address to report people who try and get into your computer. Simply e-mail the notify address with your log and a brief description and that's it.


    Well, ports are like doors on your computer. Each program that connects to the internet conects thru a port. Ports range from 1 to like 61,000 something. There are service ports, and client ports. When you connect to a website you are connecting usually on port 80. ftp 21 telnet 23, etc..

    When someone does a port scan they are looking for what ports you have open on your computer. From that they may be able to find a way in.

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    whats is 'whois',

    I was being attacked by symantec, according to Sam Spade.

    Norton said that my attackers IP address was
    is this some kind of scam they have to get you to update your Security Program.

    Because my Norton Internet Security said to update and i just cancelled, it would be a good way to scare people into updating ehhh? because i have no idea why someone would want to hack my computer, i have nothing and dont have any enemys.

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